Amit Aggarwal

Embrace a happier life. Amit, a Spiritual Coach, wields the power of Universal Laws and the Gift of Chakras to elevate the health, wealth, and relationships. Through years of spiritual exploration, he has crafted a unique therapeutic technique that zeroes in on the 7 major Energy Centers or Chakras, utilizing a dynamic combination of 5 elements : Colors, Affirmations, Mantras, Hand Mudras, and Sound Frequencies. Armed with a basic certificate in Pranic Healing, Amit is equipped to facilitate profound healing and transformation.

Amit not only manages his HR consulting business, but has also completed the leadership program from the prestigious Wharton Business School.On the cusp of releasing his first book, ‘Consciousness in Business Leadership’, Amit is set to revolutionize the corporate world with his groundbreaking exploration of conscious leadership.

Amit is on a mission to transform primary education by infusing the principles of Oneness into the curriculum. He is pioneering the introduction of engaging Games of Oneness in primary schools in Delhi, paving the way for a more enlightened generation.